Amusement Operations Expertise

Analytics and empowerment to generate proven ROI results

Our History

We started as hourly cast members at Walt Disney World Resort. We took those critical learnings and culture and applied them throughout our professional career. We have a long history in the industry as high integrity leaders.

First Turnaround

Our first project was a small water park and FEC on the east coast of Florida that had years worth of negative profits. In less than three years, the park was generating positive cash flow/profits positioning it for an attractive sale for ownership.

Distressed Park

We were asked to step in and manage it 30 days before the opening. In two years, we had the park on a path to profitability, rebuilding the brand. At the end of year two (which was impacted by a hurricane) it was sold providing a positive outcome for shareholders.


We lead the team tasked to develop efficient processes, streamline product offerings, provide enhanced technology and better reporting processes for a group of established parks.  The parks went from negative financial performance every year to over $2M in profit under our guidance.

Why Choose Us?

Few organizations will bring such a diverse combination of expertise, care, and integrity to your asset. We have proven success with improving the lives of our employees, creating lifelong memories for our guests, and generating positive returns for our investors. If that is what you expect from your asset, then your choice is simple. You need to hire IAM!